Meet our tight-knit team

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Nicolas Verge

After some Game Design studies, work experience in journalism and a few odd jobs to start out in the Montreal's games industry, Nicolas was brought on the Square Enix Montreal by Geneviève to help out with community management, events management, PR and the production of marketing content. Nicolas brings with him his impressive encyclopedic knowledge of the video games industry.


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Geneviève St-Onge

Geneviève is known for her work at Square Enix Montreal as Brand Manager as well as her time at Frima Studio. She was in charge of first party relations, biz dev, branding, positioning and overseing the marketing for all the studio’s titles. Now wokring from San Francisco, Geneviève’s connections in the game’s industry are invaluable for our partners and help make incredible projects see the light of day.


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MC Bourdua

Coming from a marketing agency as a web project manager, MC slowly made her way to video games. She helped produce and launch FEZ and Rogue Legacy. Her obsession for organization and teamwork led her to cofound a game meet-up in Toronto called Torontaru, work for the Gamercamp festival as well as several game jams. Her affection for the community around indie games now takes a whole new dimension with Popagenda.